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Sri Lanka

Yearbook 2004

Flag - Sri LankaSri Lanka. After a long power struggle between President Chandrika Kumaratunga and Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe, the President dissolved the parliament in February and announced new elections. According to CountryAAH, the total population in Sri Lanka is 21,413,260 people in 2020. The President's Organization The Freedom Alliance (SLFA) signed a cooperation agreement with the People's Liberation Front (JVP), a party with roots in the extreme left but now strongly Sinhalese nationalist and hostile to Tamil separatism. SLFA won the election and regained government power, but without its own majority in parliament.

2004 Sri Lanka

The new government's weakness, in addition to its dependence on the JVP, which received four ministerial posts, was not both considered good for the attempts to restart the peace process with the Tamil guerrilla LTTE. An internal conflict within the Tamil separatist movement complicated the political situation even more. Several bombings and assassinations aimed at Tamils who cooperated with the government were interpreted as guerrilla revenge for alleged intercourse between the government and the departed commander Colonel Karuna.

During the year, the Norwegian government made new attempts to revive the peace process, but without results. The LTTE demanded that negotiations must be based on the guerrilla's proposal for provisional local autonomy in the areas of north and east that the separatists partially control. Both the guerrillas and Sri Lanka's donors looked with great skepticism at the opportunities for peace talks with a government in which the JVP participates

Ironically, the tsunami disaster in December gave new hope for peace, when Sinhalese and Tamils united in the same grief and suffering. About 30,000 people died when the masses of water devastated large coastal areas. The disaster was also a severe blow to the Sri Lankan economy, and growth growth was estimated to slow down by a few percentage points in 2005.

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