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Yearbook 2004

Flag - MicronesiaMicronesia Federation. According to CountryAAH, the total population in Micronesia is 115,034 people in 2020. Over 90% of the buildings on the island of Yap were destroyed or damaged by typhoon Sudal, which pulled over the atoll in early April. No people were killed, but over 1,700 of the island's 6,000 residents became homeless. The typhoon destroyed most of the vegetation and caused power outages and water shortages. US President George W. Bush immediately declared a state of emergency at Yap, meaning the US accounted for 75% of the cost of reconstruction.

2004 Micronesia

Micronesian Congress President Jack Fritz was sentenced in August to one year of conditional imprisonment and fines for misappropriation of public funds. Fritz had been indicted in December 2002 but retained his place in Congress On the same day as the verdict was announced, he left Congress, where he has been a member for over 20 years, and thus received a lighter sentence than expected.

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