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Yearbook 2004

Liberia. At a conference in New York in February, the UN, the World Bank and a number of industrialized countries pledged more than half a billion US dollars to the reconstruction of Liberia.

2004 Liberia

Flag - LiberiaMilitarily, Liberia was relatively stable during the year, thanks to the UNMIL (United Nations Mission in Liberia) force of about 15,000 men, of which a few hundred Swedes, were able to gradually establish themselves throughout the country and disarm the former warring groups. The disarmament was declared completed on October 31, when about 70,000 people - of which about 15% children - had registered. According to CountryAAH, the total population in Liberia is 5,057,692 people in 2020. The number of people notified was significantly higher than expected, but the mere handing in of 26,000 weapons gave rise to suspicions that a large number of weapons had been hidden. Officially, however, the two former rebel groups LURD and MODEL announced that they had disbanded their military branches.

Politically, the transition process was slowed down by, among other things, a prolonged leadership struggle within the LURD, following internal disagreement over ministerial posts, and the inability of the Provisional Parliament to pass the laws required to organize general elections in 2005.

At the end of October, unrest broke out in the capital Monrovia with at least 18 deaths. It was unclear what the clashes between Christian and Muslim youth were due to, but poverty, unemployment and lack of future faith were seen as a reasonable explanation.

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