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Yearbook 2004

Jordan. Authorities during the year conducted an intense hunt for people suspected of having links to the Islamist terror network al-Qaeda and to Jordanian rebel leader Abu Musab az-Zarqawi, who were accused of being behind much of the violence in Iraq.

2004 Jordan

In March, security forces attacked a group of militant Islamists who were allegedly planning to use chemical weapons to attack government buildings and the US embassy in Amman. Six people were arrested and four were killed when they refused to surrender to the security forces. Later in the year, a few more people were arrested on suspicion of having participated in the conspiracy.

Flag - JordanAccording to CountryAAH, the total population in Jordan is 10,203,145 people in 2020. Eight people were sentenced April 6 to death for involvement in the murder of an American diplomat in Amman in 2002. Six of them, among them az-Zarqawi, were sentenced in their absence. A further twelve people were later sentenced to a prison sentence of between 3 and 15 years later for planning or carrying out terror attacks. Several of these were also convicted in their absence, among them Iraqi Kurdish resident Mulla Krekar, who received 15 years in prison.

In November, King Abdullah withdrew his half-brother Hamza's crown prince title. The reason was, the king said, that he wanted to give the half-brother "greater freedom of movement".

In January, Iraq's Governing Council terminated the agreement under which Iraq had provided J. for 13 years with all of its oil imports, half as a gift from Saddam Hussein's regime and half at a discounted price. The deal was reported to be worth over $ 200 million a year.

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