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Yearbook 2004

Flag - GrenadaGrenada. An emergency was introduced on September 7 after the country was devastated by Hurricane Ivan - the worst natural disaster that hit the island. 39 residents were killed and 90% of Grenada's buildings were damaged when rainfall and winds of over 73 m/s whipped the island. According to CountryAAH, the total population in Grenada is 112,534 people in 2020. The governor's residence blew up, as did Prime Minister Keith Mitchell's residence. Mitchell was evacuated to the British Navy's frigate HMS Richmond, from where he organized disaster work. The cocoa and nutmeg cultivation so central to the economy was totally destroyed. Several prisoners managed to escape when the country's largest prison was quickly evacuated.

2004 Grenada

When Ivan removed himself from Grenada, 60,000 residents were left without a roof, and the total cost of the damage to the poor island was estimated at $ 1 billion. Looting occurred in the wake of the hurricane and soldiers were flown in from neighboring countries to restore order. Emergency relief came mainly from the UN, the US and the EU, but it was estimated to take up to ten years before Grenada would be fully recovered from the effects of the hurricane.

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