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Yearbook 2004

Flag - EthiopiaEthiopia. According to CountryAAH, the total population in Ethiopia is 114,963,599 people in 2020. Riots in the state of Gambela in western Ethiopia in January officially demanded close to 200 deaths. Parliament set up a commission to investigate the clashes between the local Anuak community and the miners who moved in from other parts of the country. The fighting began as early as December 2003, when at least 57 people were killed.

Due to the almost permanently crisis-dependent state of supply, the government began in February to move people from the depleted highlands to more fertile areas. Within a three-year period, up to 2 million people should have been moved. Humanitarian organizations agree that a relocation under orderly forms is necessary, to avoid a spontaneous mass escape to the cities, but warns that poor planning can cause severe hardship. In the areas where the new settlements are planned, preferably along the border with Sudan, the sanitary conditions are poor and the risk of communicable diseases is great. The government stated in August that more than 7.6 million residents were in need of food aid and warned that the number would probably increase significantly in 2005.

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