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Yearbook 2004

Aland. The Åland Government, the provincial government, experienced a number of setbacks during the year. Internal contradictions prevailed between the four coalition parties, and the head of government, County Councilor Roger Nordlund (c), was criticized for weak leadership since he was forced to take back both decisions and statements.

The coalition's problems went into open crisis when the Liberals left the provincial government in the fall and the Social Democratic opposition aroused distrust of it. Nordlund hoped to be able to reign in minority with the support of the independence-loving little party of Åland. The plans were unsuccessful and in December Nordlund submitted the Landscape Board's farewell application to the Lagtinget's Speaker. However, as leader of one of the two largest parties in the Lagtinget, the Åländsk center, Nordlund was again appointed as government leader. The new coalition came to consist of the Center, the Social Democrats and the Frisinnad collaboration.

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