7 Fashion Photographers Who Would Teach a Grey Is The Good Sex Soft

Those bodies naked or half dress always have been a source of inspiration, especially for sculpture, painting, literature, photography or film. By the mid 20th century, since censorship still remained very present, magazines dared to mixing artistic genres with the erotic. Surrealism was, without a doubt, one of the most creative periods since the photographic composition was due only to its own rules, allowing sunsets in scenes from the most Ethereal, in black and white.

Photographers are looking for in these naked expression of statism of the forms of the female body and the evocation of sensuality, while having fun playing with the light, natural or artificial. The key is in bring together these updates to suggestive oneiric dreams in scene as brave as bizarre.

Steven Meisel

For many years, Steven Meisel It has been, and remains, the beautiful child of Franca Sozzani, the Director of the Italian Edition of Vogue magazine, so it is usual to sign many of the covers of this mythical header. Taking advantage of his condition, Meisel creates often placed in scenes the controversial sea where the models appear in compositions of strong erotic content.

Their images, despite causing a strong media stir, or precisely for this reason, it’s been his best letter of introduction, for as a result of which has signed advertising campaigns for brands such as Versace, Valentino, D & G, Calvin Klein and Prada. In 1992, Madonna and photographer Steven Meisel triggered a scandal without precedent with the publication of a erotic photo book he titled SEX, but already the previous year published a fashion editorial in the Italian Edition of Vogue magazine to which titled White Winter that was pure dynamite.

Steven Klein

Steven Klein It is a New York photographer who became not only famous for having worked with Madonna or Britney Spears but because their cliches often have been classified as conceited for ringtones or hard, which is how often qualify for slang. One of his works that most gave that talk was that of the advertising campaign for the launch of the perfume Lady Gaga Fame. In the video clip promotion appeared the singer as if were the naked Maja surrounded by an entire armada tiny little. The images, which is quite dark, gave off eroticism and bestiality in equal parts. The same Lady Gaga said that he had asked the photographer if the images were very sexy and a little “cochinotas”.

Richard Avedon

The figure of the serpent creating a magic that fascinates above all the photographers, he wakes up a hypnotic charm that subjugates by their strange way of moving. Its undulating silhouette evokes secret, sacred and a spiritual journey back in time. Symbol of Vice, sin and weakness, feeds both metaphors and ghosts. Wrapped around the neck of the beautiful naked, becomes an erotic object.

Proof of this is photo made by Richard Avedon to Natassja Kinski in Los Angeles in 1981, and that has been recently reproduced by Vanity Fair magazine in the person of Jennifer Lawrence.

Ellen Von Unwerth

Ellen Von Unwerth is one of the fashion photographers most famous thanks to its clichés of high erotic content that we can see in the advertising campaigns for Chantal Thomas. They mix sensuality, femininity, romanticism and the fetish but also a sense of humor.

To control perfectly the art to the best possible party to women, it has been able to present in all its glory to the female icons sexiest of our time (Monica Belluci, Dita Von Teese, Vanessa Paradis).

David Lachapelle

David Lachapelle, well known for the nudity that made celebrities of the stature of Michael Jackson, Kurt Cobain, Pamela Anderson, Madonna, or Paris Hilton, has also given proof of great dream eroticism in the advertising campaigns which has signed for brands such as H & M that we recognized Mary J. Blige, Gus Carr and Tamyra Grey in a reinterpretation of Romeo and Juliet; or those others for Motorola or Sky Vodka on that Christina Aguilera or Milla Jovovich participated, but that really gave much to talk about were the campaign for Happy Socks that appeared three dancers, completely naked, wearing only flashy socks, and the campaign “What did you expect?” in which a sexy Uma Thurman posing for Schweppes.

William Klein

William Klein It is a French photographer of American origin who is also a painter and director of cinema. In the scene are known as Bad Boy. Along with Richard Avedon was one of the photographers who worked in payroll of Vogue. His work as photographer contrasts with what he had done to date, but to be so innovative, her work raises violent reactions. For Klein photography has to react, the reality must live with subjectivity and always show as it is: sometimes annoying, sometimes violent. The truth is that he knew how to provide a more modern touch to fashion photos.

After the ideological rout of may 68, the evidence that France deserves a full-fledged correction is imposed. A real lesson in freedom. Through a hilarious satire of American imperialism, Mr. Freedom series ends with the preconceptions in relation with espionage films and the heroes under the auguries of a most irreverent Pop Art treatment. William Klein was commissioned to demystify America.

Helmut Newton

Helmut Newton He devoted much of his career to the development of fashion photos for the French edition of Vogue magazine, moving to the photo the perfect beauty of the models with a sense of humor, and with arrogance. Icon Newtonian, the actress Catherine Deneuve posed against the objective of Helmut Newton embodies luxury, class and voluptuousness. In 1975, Newton took out studies fashion to immortalize the Yves Saint Laurent Tuxedo in the rue Aubriot of the old Paris.

Powerful, seductive, and dominant, so are women of Newton since, in his opinion, these have been made with the power, evolving into a world of luxury and extreme refinement. The end of the 1970s marked a turn in the career of this photographer that critics described as “sex chic”. Newton departed from the picture of fashion to explore a more classic photography inhabited by strong women who reminded the Valkyries. In 2012, the Grand Palais in Paris devoted an exhibition to this photographer sulphur, disappeared in 2004, which could see 200 wonderful cliches. The work of Newton seemed to want to restore beauty, eroticism, humour, sometimes even the violence that their sensitivity allowed him to reveal through the social relations that he frequented: fashion, luxury, money, and power.