21 Signs You’Re Addicted To t-Shirts With Stripes

Scratches, you love it. Mode, it is really your favorite print. Necessarily, the indispensable to your dressing room, it’s striped t-shirt. Here are 21 signs why you are addicted.

  • You collect them.

Whenever you buy a new trendy striped, promise you that this will be the last. And every time you buy in a new month.

  • You love marinières

Your dressing room resembles a real breton store. You do even more, because anyway it is the only thing that you like to wear?

  • You have all

Cropped, wide, tight, fluid, thin or thick stripes. You definitely have all the possible models of t-shirt with stripes.

  • You justify you

You’re afraid people think that you have only a single t-shirt and that you wear every day.

Suddenly, you feel obliged to explain how matter, form, the label is different according to the t-shirts.

  • And you fed up

In fact, you wonder why people do not of themselves notice these differences on your clothes. It’s pretty obvious.

  • Always ask yourself the same question

Is what are white and black or white and blue stripes? Better not start on the debate of the colored stripes. Anyway, you do not take the head on How to match colors .

  • You have the impression of being disguised

At first you were afraid a landlubber, or simply for a follower of the frenchy look stereotype. In the end, you have totally accepted these small comparisons.

Jokes style “missing you only the beret and the wand hand” do you even more effect.

  • Your friends are laughing at you

They often tell you that as soon as they are wearing something scratched, they feel like you. You are inclined to agree with that.

  • Your followers also

Your followers on Instagram worry a bit to see you always with the same #ootd. They even start to think that you have a uniform.

  • You have real problems

The struggle to find the absolutely perfect striped shirt is real. Often when you go shopping, think you found him. Simply you have to get home to realize that he lacks a little something.

  • If in doubt, you wear stripes.

Not just white and classic black. As long as you wear stripes, you can wear all possible colors. How that green and the orange is too much?

  • You create conflicts

Your guy/MOM/roommate demanded you to do sorting in your beloved striped t-shirts. You just totally ignored him.

  • You’re never disappointed

If anyone ever asks you for your birthday or Christmas gift ideas , a striped t-shirt is probably the right answer.

  • You know people who are like you

You used to see people dressed exactly like you. Jeans and a sailor, it’s so recognizable.

  • You are afraid to wear something else

You tried to wear something else. The problem is that you feel uncomfortable every time.

Any simple white shirt gives you cold sweats if she is not a bit scratched.

  • You have your preferences

It’s like a guy who wears a striped t-shirt. It becomes much more sexy to your eyes!

  • You make fun of fashion magazines

According to the articles, they seem to discover the trend of striped t-shirts. Ah ah ah.

  • You have your Favorites

ASOS, Cos, & Other Stories , and Zara are your favorite stores. You thank them every day to create many different striped t-shirts!

  • You have tried

You tried to get out of the classic design of the sailor or horizontal stripes. No. Clearly, vertical or diagonal stripes, it is not possible for you.