Antonio Riva 2015 Wedding Dresses

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Antonio Riva, here is the collection of wedding gowns 2015, a line full of structured but soft clothes that glide gently on the silhouette. The inspiration comes once again from that old-fashioned romance that we find in every collection.

A much sought after collection, simple and extremely romantic, designed for a demanding but very refined bride who dislikes ostentatious clothes nor the classic Mermaid wedding dresses. That of Antonio Riva is a collection of wedding dresses that gently on the silhouette with soft skirts just handled by some waves, although overall the effect is that of a sculpture dress from bon ton taste and clearly inspired by romantic.

The well-known fashion designer wedding dresses brides with a collection that enchants the Italian caught the interest of Michele Hunziker, who for his recent marriage to Tomaso Trussardiwore one of the new proposals 2015: a soft silk wedding dress with embroidered lace on lips, in a subtle pink and impalpable. Protagonist of this line the mikado, a recurring item in the collections of Antonio Riva, with which the designer plays to create patterns, overlays and drapes, which the bride can remove from the length in time, perhaps during the reception or when comes the time to lash out on the track.

The new 2015 collection by Antonio Riva could not come with accessories that embellish and make it new every single dress: from collars of roses to adorn a dress with neckline decided, to small circles of feathers to finish the hairstyle, there is an embarrassment of choice. Enjoy a sneak preview of the new catalog of wedding dresses by Antonio Riva in our gallery.

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